About Us

Lauren and Brooke first met at Lauren’s wedding…. No joke! Brooke and Lauren’s now-husbands met one summer at Compassion International; the men became fast friends and just a little while later, Brooke was being dragged to a wedding several states away for people she had never met. Flash forward a few more years, and all of us were living in Colorado Springs. Brooke and Lauren quickly hit it off over their shared love for Southern Living magazine and a good Anthropologie sale. One night over cocktails, Brooke and Lauren were talking about their recent experiences of trying to find a local gift basket for different occasions- Brooke for her customers at work, and Lauren with a friend’s birthday. They were frustrated to find that if you wanted to support several small businesses, you would have to drive all around town to make your own gift basket. Why wasn’t there a company that sold quality gift sets that featured local Colorado Springs businesses? And thus Front Porch Gift Co. was created! 

Brooke is a Texas native who grew up visiting family in Colorado Springs. If you give us a call, you’ll always know you’re talking to Brooke when you hear that Texas twang. She loves nothing more than turning her fireplace on in the middle of a snowstorm; Brooke can always be won over with a margarita and strongly believes that cheetah print is a neutral. 


Lauren also has long-standing ties to Colorado and moved here permanently from Georgia in 2015. Coming from a creative background, the details of crafting a beautifully presented gift is an utmost priority. Always on the go (and usually with coffee in hand), Lauren loves to travel, and is always planning her next vacation. In her free time, she loves a long hike with her husband and their Siberian Husky, Bessie.

We dearly love our adopted city and the small businesses that set it apart. Each product we offer has been hand-selected with  our neighbors and community in mind. If you absolutely love one of the products, we encourage you to go support the local artisan it came from! Every one of our gift sets will always include a card letting you know where the items were sourced. 

Whether it’s for yourself or for a friend, teacher, family member, hair stylist, neighbor, you name it… we thoroughly hope you enjoy it! Cheers!